Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In 50 days, I return to San Pedro for Lobtser Fest! I am Belize Ready!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

27 Days until I Return to Belize!

I can't wait I have 27 days until I return to San Pedro Belize. I will be there in in time to go to Lobster Fest!
Belize Dreaming!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Returning to San Pedro Belize

I can't wait I will be returning to San Pedro Belize on June 17th 2010!
The blog will continue then!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

7/2/09 Return Home

We ate esparnza’s one last time Yum Fry Jack’s. went to stick my toes in the sand one last time. Short taxi ride to the airport. In San Pedro I was allowed to bring a gallon jug of water on the hopper plane. I saw unattended bags. It was a small airline to Belize City. We checked in a little early to come home so we looked around the shops in the airport. Then Steve & I went to Jet’s Bar to have one last Belikin Beer. On our way home we had to stop in Houston and had to go though customs line was long but went well. Had to check our luggage back in then on to our next flight. We had to go to the other side of the airport. Had a sandwich for a snack and use my debit card for the time in 2 ½ weeks that weird for me because at home that’s how I normally pay. the whole time I was in Belize I used cash in US dollar & got Belize Dollars in change. 1 US Dollar = 2 Belize dollars That was so cool! If you gave them $20 it was worth $40. I can home with $0.40 Belize nickels. I missed my afternoon rest in my lounge chair with the sun on my face wind in my hair and the sound of the ocean. I will be happy to be home soon . Bumpy ride due to weather in Phoenix. Always Belize dreaming!


We ate breakfast at the Cuban Coffee CafĂ© it was like a 6 course meal! 1.Cuban cappuccino 2. Fresh squeezed OJ 3. Fruit 4. Toast 5. Eggs & bacon 6. Pastry WOW! What a breakfast. We went to a jewelry store I got a Mayan jade sun pendant to wear on my slide. Then we went to Other shops to see what else we could find. Mom got 2 photo albums to put her photo’s she has taken while we were here. Nate & I went to the ocean it was so rough that we could not stand it so we ended up at the pool . I needed to hydrate so I went to the store to get Gatorade & lounged in the chair by the gate for the afternoon. I sold some of my left over sunscreen for what I paid for it at home $7 US so I got $15 BLZ. On the way back I stopped at the pool Joe aka the king of the pool and others that we meet during our stay here in San Pedro Belize they were getting there hair braided & pedicures. Said good bye being that we were leaving early the next day for home! We ate at Elvie’s Kitchen one last time and got custard on the way home. Took one last walk on the dock at night to say Goodbye to Belize!


I didn’t want to get out of bed today? After breakfast Mom took photo’s of me in my blue dress
In multiple locations. In the mangrove, by an old dock, by palm trees, on the rocks, on our dock where we snorkel from. I was hot in the dress I was wearing was made out of polyester after she finished. I said I was jumping in the water with the dress on! Ready to take a photo I am counting down from Jump, splash and what a relief. She need to work on taking photo’s of a human subject.
After that we went snorkeling. While snorkeling today I found 2 beautiful shell in the sea grass like there were placed there just for me. Then we hung out at the pool we found Nate a pool toy called a coconut! Used it as a ball, torpedo, or a cup to dump water on my head. I wasn’t feeling so well so I went to the condo to take a nap! Lazy afternoon & evening.