Sunday, September 6, 2009


I didn’t want to get out of bed today? After breakfast Mom took photo’s of me in my blue dress
In multiple locations. In the mangrove, by an old dock, by palm trees, on the rocks, on our dock where we snorkel from. I was hot in the dress I was wearing was made out of polyester after she finished. I said I was jumping in the water with the dress on! Ready to take a photo I am counting down from Jump, splash and what a relief. She need to work on taking photo’s of a human subject.
After that we went snorkeling. While snorkeling today I found 2 beautiful shell in the sea grass like there were placed there just for me. Then we hung out at the pool we found Nate a pool toy called a coconut! Used it as a ball, torpedo, or a cup to dump water on my head. I wasn’t feeling so well so I went to the condo to take a nap! Lazy afternoon & evening.

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