Sunday, September 6, 2009


Woke up today to rain & thunder. I enjoyed the rain at home we don’t get rain to much.
We ate breakfast in our condo Toast w/ jelly, Bananas, Ham & mangos.
We got ready for our day slowly that ’s what vacation is for. We went for a walk on the beach to the north side to the toll bridge. On our walk I enjoyed the mangroves. On our way back we walked though town the street was a sandy mud from the rain. We had a guy ask if we were lost because we were in a residential area not normally were tourist go. On our way back the street vendor had just started up there grill said to them be back when chicken is ready. So later that day we had chicken & a bottle of Fanta or coke. So good!
The boy went swimming & I sat on the dock & took in the view. Then we got Ice cream at Manelley’s. I had coconut. I love coconut! Then the locals told us about a market called Super Buy so we set off to find it. We ended up buying pasta & sauce, Belizean Coconut Rum with coke & juice.
When we got back Nate was board so I put on my suit and went down to the dock to get in the water. I got on my mask and saw lots of little Zebra fish, small parrot fish. I found a Belize nickel & gave it to a local boy who was swimming with us. Went back to the condo to make dinner & drinks.

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