Sunday, September 6, 2009


We set out on an adventure! We walked the beach to the Roman Catholic church & park. We crossed the street & ordered custom made skirts that convert into a dress. Then we headed out south looking for the market on the south side they didn’t have much more available then we already got. We went on a walk far south looking for a store called the Sausage factory. We ended up walking to far south & pass up the street that you turn down to go to the Sausage Factory. But we were able to see some of the resorts. They are a ways away from town how boring. We decided to turn around? Then along the streets they have a map on post though out town and was able to find where we needed to turn to go to the Sausage Factory. We found it! We got a smoked whole chicken, Smoked Ham, Pepperoni & Jerky. I was carrying my back pack and was able to pack it home to the condo about 3 - 4 miles home. When we got back we made pasta salad. We realized that we were missing some ingredients so I went to the San Pedro Market there was a street vendor selling BBQ Chicken with beans, coleslaw, red beans & rice also fresh tortillas. I asked how much $9 BLZ $4.50 US. We all ate some for lunch. Yum! Then I went out to sit in the lounge chairs that face the pier & the ocean to rest.

Later that evening Lobster Fest as we were leaving for Lobster Fest it was raining. It cooled off & was a great walk to the Lobster Fest. The rain let up and it was misting us. We started off the Fest with Belize Chocolate with dark chocolate & mango. I had fresh grilled lobster tail $20 BLZ $10 US & Belikin Beer for $2.50 BLZ. Mom & I sat with a nice Couple from Texas & had a great conversation & gave us some tips about our return trip to the USA. We got back to the condo & Nate was a little hungry went outside to the street vendor who was selling hot dogs - they had grilled onions , mayo, mustard, ketchup, Parmesan cheese. Loving Belize & the adventure!

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  1. I love how food is an important part of your adventure. The Lobster Fest must have been an awesome treat.