Sunday, September 6, 2009


Today we got an early start Had to be on our dock by 8am for our scuba snorkel trip. We took a short boat ride ten we got our instructions on what we can do I got on my gear first then Mom & Edgar our guide made a big circle around the reef . I dodged my first Jelly Fish to see in open water I had only seen the in aquariums. I also saw a huge puffer fish in a free dive to a open cove in the coral. I also saw a reef shark & lots of fish. The coral is not as bright as Maui and it appears to be in bad shape with hole in the fan coral. When we were getting ready to get back into the boat there was a Sea turtle eating sea grass . I love sea turtles!
We all got back into the boat and set off for shark ray alley1 I got to hold a sting ray and pet it. They are soft like real good leather. It was amazing how many fish there were! But the guide was feeding them! I don’t believe in feeding the fish it ruins there natural ecosystem. Because he was feeding them they tried to eat my swim suit strap. All disappointments set aside we had a good time. We ate lunch & I found my lounge chair & took a nap! After my nap we headed out to eat dinner. We ate dinner at Caliante then we went to the Famous Chicken Drop at the Pier Lounge. You put down a $1 BLZ For a number I got $5. They place the chicken on a bingo like board and where the chicken Poop’s is the number that is the winner. They win $100 BLZ! We didn’t win but had a great time! Time to call it a night!

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