Sunday, September 6, 2009

6/18/09 arrival day

6/18/09 arrival day

I have a little Colitis humor when we arrived on the main land in Belize my belly was rolling so I need to use the restroom so I found the nearest restroom to find out that the toilet paper dispensers were made in the USA in New Mexico! LoL!

On the flight to San Pedro I got to ride in the co pilots seat we made one extra stop then on to San Pedro.
Our trip was delayed in Belize by an hour so we arrived at sunset
We were all so hungry that sauce & coconut rice.
It was a long day of travel. I was tired but we need to get some water & stuff for the next day! We went to Richie’s Market - it is no bigger than a convince store. A box of cereal was $12.95 BLZ $6.48 US but it was a little strange to see such a large price on things?
1 US Dollar Equals 2 BLZ!
More Colitis humor they use 2 ply TP everywhere Yikes I am thankful that I brought wet wipes from home!

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